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During the early 1960s, the IDCA and Australian Industrial Design began to flourish.

From 1964, Good Design Labels, visible indicators of quality design and manufacturing, began appearing on products in the marketplace and the IDCA-led Australian Design Index for Good Design became a well-known register of the best designed and made products in Australia.

Together, these initiatives represented the formal start of design assessment and promotion in Australia, stimulating competition, debate, high standards of quality and industry growth.

Items ranging from light fittings, floor coverings, hand tools, hardware tools, furnishing fabrics and household products were reviewed by a panel of experts for inclusion in the Australian Design Index.

Judges evaluated products against criteria including standard of manufacture and attention to detail and finish, suitability of materials, durability, value for money, construction, comfort of use, safety factors and overall appearance. Products meeting the rigorous criteria received the Good Design Label, while manufacturers falling down in areas were given constructive criticism on how to improve their products, as well as the opportunity to resubmit.

From the management down, manufacturers were very aware of the Good Design Label and later, the Australian Design Award. CEOs, engineers, designers and marketing staff were all determined to be honoured with this industry recognition.
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